May 20, 2022

About US


Hello,  We are Noel and Kyle and one of the many things we share is a love of family.  We live in a cute little house situated on 13 acres in Ohio where we host many family events on a regular basis.  We have so much love, family and resources to give and we are so excited to share it with our child(ren).

Lifestyle and Interests:

Some of the activities that are always on our schedule are: traveling, outdoor work, dinners with friends, & family, planning family events, watching fun movies, appreciating art and history and continually working hard to improve our understanding of the beautiful world we live in.

Experience with Children:

Noel had his first niece at six years old and had many growing up.  This gave him lots of opportunities to change diapers, experience toddlers and attend many graduations.  Kyle wanted to be a dad as far back as he can remember. He had several cousins that were like little brothers and sisters giving him an opportunity to play the part.

Child Preferences:

We are trying to be very honest about what we feel we can handle effectively.  We are hoping for a sibling group with, at least, one child between 3 and 6 and the oldest no more than around 12.  We also think we would be best able to serve a child with no more than moderate medical, cognitive, emotional or behavioral challenges

Support Network:

Locally, we have one set of parents and two sets of aunts and uncles in the area to help welcome our children to the family.  The parents would occasionally be called upon for short periods of care in our absence and they are excited for the opportunity to be grandparents.  Additionally, we have many friends with school aged children and we look forward to setting up many play dates and further broadening our children's social world.